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Healthmine is the industry’s leading quality improvement solution focused on empowering people to take the right actions to improve their health. We build personalized, ongoing member engagement strategies for health plans in all lines of business. These strategies are delivered via our SaaS-based, always-on platform that drives healthy action through customized triggers for clinical, pharmacy, and CAHPS and HOS measures. When paired with intelligent incentives and rewards, the net result is improved outcomes and well-managed medical spend. In addition, Healthmine clients have transparency into real-time, actionable insights on the success of member engagement and satisfaction initiatives, as well as the ability to identify and prioritize areas of opportunity to improve quality measures and Star Ratings. To learn more visit www.Healthmine.com

Educational Underwriters

Mom’s Meals is a leading provider of fully-prepared, refrigerated meals delivered direct to homes nationwide. With programs for long-term service and support, chronic care, post-discharge care and self-pay individuals, clients have access to menus to support major health conditions and get to choose every meal, every order, to address their specific needs.


Connect America and our family of brands have helped aging individuals and at-risk populations live safely and independently in their homes for more than 40 years. As the nation’s largest provider of connected care solutions, we deliver a growing portfolio of innovative technologies dedicated to supporting health, safety and independence. Over 3,000 healthcare partners across North America trust Connect America as the safe choice for enabling earlier interventions, preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and lowering costs.

Foodsmart is eating well made simple. We are the only solution proven to sustainably reverse food insecurity: 39% of food insecure members become food secure. By addressing food insecurity, we are clinically proven to reverse nutrition-related chronic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and hyperlipidemia. We combine the largest telehealth network in the country of Registered Dietitians with a supportive digital environment for our 1.3 million members. We make food affordable and accessible for members by offering clinical guidance based on their conditions, SNAP enrollment support, SNAP friendly meal plans that can be purchased with SNAP/EBT, grocery price comparison tools, and medically tailored meals. Learn more at www.foodsmart.com.

mPulse Mobile, the leader in Conversational AI solutions for the healthcare industry, drives improved health outcomes and business efficiencies by engaging individuals with tailored and meaningful dialogue. mPulse Mobile combines behavioral science, analytics and industry expertise that helps healthcare organizations activate their consumers to adopt healthy behaviors.
With over a decade of experience, 100+ healthcare customers and more than 300 million conversations annually, mPulse Mobile has the data, the expertise and the solutions to drive healthy behavior change


Enhanced Medication Services is the premier clinical services delivery channel with a mission to optimize medication use for people, health plans, and health systems. We combine our industry- leading clinical services call center with an expansive network of community pharmacies to provide high-quality clinical interventions. Our fully integrated, end-to-end dispensing and clinical platform connects health plans to community pharmacists, offering quality lift for our partners to achieve high-level performance on quality measures and improve health outcomes.

Supporting Organizations

Hazel Health partners with schools to eliminate barriers to quality healthcare for all children. Hazel’s culturally competent care team works alongside school nurses and parents to treat students’ physical and behavioral health conditions, connect families to local health resources, and advise on the next steps to ensure continuity of care. As the only telehealth provider designed specifically for schools, Hazel adheres to FERPA, HIPAA, and district policies for on-demand doctor visits from school or home.

Thomson Reuters CLEAR and Thomson Reuters Pondera Solutions, bring together their industry- leading expertise to help Government agencies in areas of program integrity including risk, fraud and waste prevention. The integrated solution combines Pondera’s innovative analytics platforms fueled by Thomson Reuters CLEAR® proprietary and public records data. Together, customers gain a powerful, configurable fraud detection and prevention and investigative solution that surfaces trends, patterns, and clusters that may indicate existing or emerging problems as well as case tracking and management that allow them to efficiently and effectively solve numerous business needs such as fraud prevention, case management and risk mitigation. For more information regarding Thomson Reuters Fraud Solutions, visit: www.ponderasolutions.com

Express Scripts PBM is evolving. We are now part of EvernorthSM—health services built on the recognition that health is the starting point for human potential and progress. Evernorth brings together health service capabilities including pharmacy solutions, benefits management, care solutions and data intelligence to deliver differentiated value. All to unlock even better coordinated service capabilities that work seamlessly together across a broader health services spectrum. We collaborate and partner to develop personalized solutions that make a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers and clients, including health plans responsible for administering and managing risk for the pharmacy benefit for their regulated markets populations—Medicare, Medicaid, dual-eligible and health exchange.

MediSked, LLC is a trusted partner to organizations across the country, providing integrated electronic record systems, care coordination tools, and business intelligence and reporting tools to improve quality and outcomes. Since 2003, MediSked has been committed to delivering innovative and holistic software solutions that improve lives, drive efficiencies, and generate innovations for the human services organizations that support our communities.

Babyscripts is a company delivering a new model for prenatal and postpartum care that is transforming the way expectant mothers use technology to work with their healthcare providers. The company partners with health plans to improve maternal health outcomes through its Virtual Maternity Care Solution: a mobile app paired with remote monitoring experiences to empower and educate pregnant and postpartum mothers. Babyscripts enables earlier identification of pregnancy, clinical and SDOH risk detection, and adherence to quality measures such as prenatal and postpartum visit attendance. Babyscripts helps payers support network providers with the tools they need to drive better outcomes, eliminating care coordination silos between physicians, health plans, and members.   

Independent Living Systems (ILS) offers a comprehensive range of turnkey payer services including clinical and third-party administrative services to managed care organizations and providers that support high-cost, complex member populations in the Medicare, Medicaid, and Dual-Eligible markets.

An industry leader in managing home and community-based programs for two decades, ILS leverages an award-winning technology platform to address Social Determinants of Health by creating social, physical, and economic environments that promote one’s full potential for attaining health and wellbeing. Providing assistance beyond the clinical realm, ILS offers services at every stage of care from the treatment of chronic illnesses to personalized care management and nutritional support.

In partnership with health plans, providers, and hospital systems, ILS provides solutions aimed at improving health outcomes while rebalancing costs.   

UnitedHealthcare Community & State partners with state and local community organizations to offer innovative managed care health plans for the economically disadvantaged, the medically underserved, and those without the benefit of employer-funded health care coverage. We proudly serve 6.8 million Medicaid members in 32 states, plus Washington D.C., and are committed to making state-sponsored health care effective, affordable and compassionate. UnitedHealthcare is a division of UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) which is a diversified health and well-being company with a mission to help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone.   

For almost 30 years, T-Base has simplified the fast and secure delivery of accessible communications at an enterprise scale. Our services empower consumers who are partially sighted, blind, hard of hearing, and cognitively impaired. T-Base delivers documents in alternate formats streamlining transcription for braille, large print, audio, accessible PDF, and more, along with providing PDF remediation and digital accessibility audits. As a result, our solutions significantly reduce IT expenses and time for customers, including Fortune 500 companies, banks, telecommunications, healthcare, and educational institutions.

Bamboo Health (formerly Appriss Health + PatientPing) is a healthcare technology solutions company, focused on fostering care collaboration and providing information and actionable insights across the entire continuum of care. As one of the largest, most diverse care collaboration networks in the country, our technology solutions equip healthcare providers and payers with software, information, and insights to facilitate whole person care across the physical and behavioral health spectrums. By serving 2,500 hospitals, 7,800 post-acute facilities, 25,000 pharmacies, 37 health plans, 45 state governments, and over one million acute and ambulatory providers through more than 500 clinical information systems electronically, we impact over 1 billion patient encounters annually in provider workflow. Health systems, payers, providers, pharmacies, governments, individuals, and other organizations rely on Bamboo Health to improve care and reduce cost. Visit www.BambooHealth.com to learn more.

Quest Analytics has been the industry leader in improving network management for more than 30 years. Our software platform and services are trusted by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services under a recently renewed 5-year agreement and more than 425 health plans. We help these organizations measure, manage and monitor health plan network performance across all lines of business as a way to deliver better member protections and improve Americans’ access to quality healthcare.

Healthcare Fraud Shield specializes in cost containment and payment integrity for healthcare insurance payers stopping claims pre-payment as well recoveries and prevented loss post- payment using FWAShield, a fully integrated pre-payment, post-payment, ad hoc query, and case management software platform. Our solution saves our customers millions annually by identifying emerging provider insights and payments trends using AI and targeted rules of known schemes incremental to existing processes such claims editing systems and other prospective pre-payment processes. Healthcare Fraud Shield is a trusted name and partner for fraud detection for national, regional, and local health care insurance payers.

Miami, Florida-based Papa, Inc. is a growth stage technology-enabled services platform founded in 2017 by Andrew Parker, an innovator in digital health. Papa provides a secure, nationwide scheduling and logistics service that dispenses locally curated youthful adults called "Papa Pals" to provide companionship and conduct task-driven objectives to assist health plan members in completing instrumental activities of daily living (IADL’s including door-through-door transportation). Papa uniquely ties Stars Quality measures and addresses SDOH issues as part of each visit with members to achieve an ROI. These Papa Pal visits can occur virtually through the telephone or secure video, or face to face in the members home or community.

Delivering vital insights today; Defining the future of individualized pregnancy care of tomorrow

Sera Prognostics is leading a movement to improve maternal and newborn outcomes. We are committed to addressing complications of pregnancy, starting with preterm birth, by providing pivotal information to clinicians early in pregnancy that can improve the health and wellbeing of mothers and their babies. Early, accurate insight for each mother, allowing timely initiation of treatment provides newborns with the best possible start in life.

Unite Us is a technology company that builds coordinated care networks of health and social service providers. With Unite Us, providers across sectors can send and receive secure electronic referrals, track every person’s total health journey, and report on tangible outcomes across a full range of services in a centralized, cohesive, and collaborative ecosystem. Unite Us’ dedicated team builds authentic, lasting partnerships with local organizations to ensure their networks have a solid foundation, launch successfully, and continue to grow and thrive. This HITRUST certified social care infrastructure helps communities transform their ability to work together and measure impact at scale.

Activate Care provides a shared workspace where communities now actually integrate healthcare and social services delivery.


CarePort is the leading care coordination network with thousands of providers connected across the U.S. The end-to-end platform bridges acute and post-acute EHR data, providing visibility into the entire patient journey for health plans, providers, physicians, and ACOs. With CarePort, healthcare professionals can efficiently and effectively coordinate patient care to better manage patients and members as they move through the continuum.

Trualta supports families managing care for loved ones at home via an online learning platform. In partnership with innovative healthcare payers, providers, government and social service organizations, Trualta provides better care at lower cost. Each partner organization is equipped with a customized learning portal offering on-demand, personalized skills-based training to help caregivers keep their loved ones at home for longer. Currently available in Canada and across 24 U.S. states, Trualta's evidence base is proving that trained, confident family caregivers can improve health outcomes and reduce costs.


Centauri Health Solutions is a risk adjustment, quality, and eligibility enrollment and billing solutions healthcare services company serving the government payor space. Centauri’s suite of products includes a comprehensive technology platform operating workflow of reporting and business intelligence software designed for efficient data integration and analytics. As a leading provider of technology-enabled analytics and services, Centauri helps health plans to manage their variable revenue linked to population health, quality, and eligibility factors. We help clients optimize revenue cycle management, while helping their members realize quality-of-life improvements. We possess specialized expertise in sophisticated hosted software solutions, data driven services and data management capabilities specifically for quality-based revenue and risk adjustment programs. These efforts result directly in better-informed health care delivery, richer benefits and reduced out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Leap Orbit’s team of healthcare data experts was tired of seeing the same problem over and over: untrustworthy provider directories. That’s why we built Convergent. Convergent seamlessly merges and transforms all of a health plan’s sources of provider data into a continuously updated single source of truth. By automating health plans’ provider data operations, we eliminate data silos, improve workforce productivity, maintain CMS compliance, and ensure no surprise billing. https://www.leaporbit.com/convergent-home

EnlivenHealth is the division of Omnicell that builds advanced patient engagement and communications solutions that enable retail pharmacies and health plans to improve the health outcomes of their patients, while strengthening the long-term health of their business.

Vheda Health is a leader in Medicaid tech-enabled solutions. We deliver 84% member compliance and save insurers money by empowering underserved populations to live their best life. Through the power of an iPhone, remote monitoring and live outreach, our digital health programs activate 7x’s more Medicaid members for an extended period of time that achieves compliance, overcomes health disparities, and expands access to care. As a nationally certified Minority Business Enterprise, Vheda Health can help you boost state RFP procurement bids.

Pyx Health offers the first loneliness and social isolation program focused on helping the most vulnerable populations. Chronic loneliness is a measurable, predictive indicator that when identified, allows health plans to proactively deliver crucial health needs before they become costly. Combining a mobile platform with timely human interventions, Pyx Health provides health plans and their members an innovative, scalable solution that effectively addresses the loneliness epidemic and is measurably improving health outcomes, increasing engagement, and is proven to lower inpatient costs for healthcare systems by 57%. www.PyxHealth.com

Kaizen Health is a healthcare logistics platform - removing transportation as a barrier to living a healthy life. Kaizen Health serves healthcare providers (safety net hospitals, FQHCs and large health systems), Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, senior living, home health, clinical trials, non- profits, etc.

Kaizen Health brings together all levels of transportation (inclusive of courier/delivery services) to ensure a full offering for their clients across the social determinants of health (accessing healthcare, food, pharmacy, education, employment, housing, social services and social activities).

LifeStation is a leading, national provider of medical alert monitoring and telehealth technology services. Our mission is to leverage innovative technology and services to transform the lives of seniors and help them live safely and independently. Our wide suite of solutions includes in-home, mobile GPS, Fall Detection and our 4G LTE SmartWatch, which enable members to live independently and remain active. Our services are also aimed at allowing caregivers to remain connected; providing the peace of mind they need.

Cordata Healthcare Innovations is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company connecting communities and healthcare organizations to better serve at-risk populations by coordinating treatment and community resources. Cordata’s core technology platform provides specific solutions that improve outcomes for patients with complex diseases, individuals battling addiction or mental illness, and children in foster care. More information can be found at www.cordatahealth.com.

MedImpact is a highly experienced public sector PBM with Medicaid experience in 14 states helping to manage over 5 million lives. We also support Medicare and Exchange programs in 16 states. We are striving to bring a new and creative way to manage your members and improve their experience.

As Medicaid programs continue to evaluate their business models, embracing carved out PDL/PBM programs, MedImpact offers the opportunity for states to continue the high-touch concepts prevalent in managed care and deliver them in a fee-for-service compliant model leveraging proven technology and URAC and NCQA accredited processes to provide high quality member-centric programs to our clients.

Availity is the place where healthcare finds the answers needed to shift focus back to patient care. We work to solve communication challenges in healthcare by creating a richer, more transparent exchange of information among health plans, providers, and technology partners. As one of the nation’s largest health information network, Availity facilitates billions of clinical, administrative, and financial transactions annually. Our suite of dynamic products, built on a powerful, intelligent platform, enables real-time collaboration for success in a competitive, value-based care environment.

Innovaccer Inc. is a leading San Francisco-based healthcare technology company committed to helping healthcare care as one. The Innovaccer Health Cloud unifies member data across systems and care settings and empowers healthcare organizations to rapidly develop scalable, modern applications that improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. Innovaccer's solutions have been deployed across over 1,000 care settings in the U.S., enabling more than 37,000 providers to transform care delivery and work collaboratively with payers and life sciences companies. Innovaccer has helped organizations integrate medical records for more than 24 million people and generate more than $600 million in savings. Innovaccer is recognized as a Best in KLAS vendor for 2021 in population health management and a No. 1 customer-rated vendor by Black Book. For more information, please visit innovaccer.com

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